Materazzi and Zidane

Without resorting to stereotyping, explain why the Brazilians lip-read “sister” and “prostitute” while the Brits went for “terrorist” and racism.

The only Spanish-speakers in Badalona are tourists

Go to the council’s website and hit Castellano. (Badalona is one of many nationalist-run councils which, with the connivance of the governing body, are violating the conditions (cultural/language promotion etc) for using .cat.)

EU Latin, thanks to the Finnish

‘The miserable Common Agricultural Policy becomes the majestic ratio communis agros colendi, which literally means “common scheme for cultivating the fields”.‘

How the Swiss saved Spain

Far from welcoming Napoleon as a liberator from the evil Bourbons, Catalan irregulars inflicted some of the most significant and discouraging defeats suffered by the French in Spain. However, things were not always as they seemed. Here’s a bit of Antoni Moliner Prader’s dossier, Popular resistance in Catalonia: somatenes and migueletes in the French war:…

Political mood music

Amusing that the Catalan-Spanish bilingualists of Ciutadans-Partit de la Ciutadania rounded off their congress with a song in English, which one of these years will overtake Spanish here as the principal intercommunal language. Amusing too that one of Ciutadans’ principal bogeymen, Artur Mas, also used “Ain’t no mountain high enough” a couple of years ago…

Public brothel in Barcelona

The public brothel opened in CaƱet street in 1452 by Simon Sala with a licence from the king (see today’s front page Libro Verde excerpt) seems to have been public in the sense of being licensed and providing a service to all and sundry rather than having been publicly owned and run. Here’s more from…