Gili Pollos

Is the name of a chicken grill in Mexico City. (For the uninitiated, pollo is Spanish for “chicken” and gilipollas is Spanish for “arsehole”, although as far as I know it’s only peninsular.)

Barcelona and the decline of the city-state

Here from Braudel (The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II/El Mediterráneo y el mundo mediterráneo en la época de Felipe II) is some context for today’s Libro verde item on the fall of Barcelona to Juan II’s great beasts: At the end of the fourteenth century, the Mediterranean belonged to…

More Geoff Nunberg

Hardly seems worth cutting into vacation beer time for this, but here is the man referring to this over-aggressive post of mine: Trevor has me claiming that the object-present participle form of compounding is a recent invention of the political right and originates with nigger-loving. And in a new post: I was hardly claiming, as…


El Vapor, a thrice-weekly newspaper dedicated the promotion of trade and industry as well as to romantic and regionalist sentiment, and viewed as a continuation of El Europeo (both were edited by Aribau before he became a street), was launched on March 18 1833 by A Bergnes from his bookshop at Escudellers 13, Barcelona. Here’s…


Showing her customary wisdom, one’s secret damsel on the hill has agreed to a temporary separation in order to allow one to tootle round Mexico in an automobile of some nature with three absolutely gorgeous women. Syndicated stuff on this site will continue to update, but posting will be light for the next few weeks,…

I’ll bet you can guess what this is about

From the showbiz section of Balitang Pinoy, a newsheet for Barcelona Filipinos: According to the grapevine, may illicit affair ang Sexbomb girl na si Jopay Paquia at ang Manouvers member na si Joshua Zamora. Nagkalapit diumano ang dalawa during the season one taping of Daisy Siete kung saan sila magkapareha. Nabalitaan ding iniwan ni Joshua…

Moroccan goatherd who fought for Franco

Or rather, to get slightly richer rather quicker than would otherwise have been the case. He gets a monthly Spanish government pension of €3. One of a series of profiles in El Mundo.

More amusing translation

“It is found in the Catalan region of Pendeés, in the upper area witch rise 216 meters.” What you see depends on how much you drink, or on how much Capità Vidal is prepared to pay for translations.


Communist film-maker and translator Joaquim/Joaquín Jordâ died last month. One of his last productions was Veinte años no es nada, a red-tinted nostalgiamentary which traces the subsequent careers of some of the participants in the occupation and brief management by workers of the failed Numax fridge factory in Barcelona 25 years ago. Juan Manzanares and…

Frying pan/fire

Tim Stannard at La Liga Loca suggests that coach Javier Clemente may not be the smartest bet for a Serbian national team in desperate need of an image upgrade. Dutch coaches seem to travel rather better.