Anonymous bike thief pays compensation

“Overcome with remorse at having stolen a bicycle, a thief in Germany wrote the victim a letter and fully recompensed him for the loss, police said on Monday.” If other thieves were to follow his lead, I could probably retire.

Valencian spelling and pronunciation dictionary

Here, via Carlos at Las palabras son pistolas cargadas. Carlos has a good quote–“dictionary: a malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of a language and making it hard and inelastic”–and comments that the worst that can befall a language is to have passionate defenders in public institutions who get involved in political battles on…


Anglocabr√≥n is a pun on anglosaj√≥n, Anglo-Saxon, and is used in jest or in earnest (here‘s a more extreme example) to refer to an invented race whose enthusiasm for liberty and commerce imperils the eternal values of a bunch of chronically grumpy mongrels the noble descendants of Caesar.