Adding value to Spanish olive oil

Charles Butler is doing some really interesting work down in Jaén. Check out the interview he did with an enterprising manufacturer called José Vico in Orcera. Orcera is a macho, conservative town that I once found to be distinctly scary, but Mr Vico is marketing a range of personal care products including a “lip balm, a skin cream that is 47% olive oil, an after sun lotion, a shaving cream, a body milk, a shower gel and an exfoliant whose abrasive component is ground olive pits” and doing very nicely by all accounts. Italian olive oil products are grossly overpriced and frequently not Italian at all, whatever they say, so it’s heart-warming to see this kind of change. There’s just one great traditional product missing from everyone’s portfolio at the moment: olives marinated in granny’s urine. Islington would buy them and DNA testing would remove any consumer doubts as to provenance.

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