Rab’s family

It turns out that an occasional commenter here has a blog of his own, From Catalonia to Caledonia, in which, from a Catalan nationalist perspective, he whinges about the Spanish, the English, ungrateful immigrants and stuff. However, his family turns out to contain the odd cockatoo cuckoo too: My parents are just another example of…

Vilafranca del Penedès has a major, not a mayor

Sounds like the place is under military administration: Vilafranca is an open and welcoming town. From this permanently opened window that our web site offers to us, I want to welcome you to Vilafranca. Marcel Esteve i RobertMajor of Vilafranca del Penedès The whole translation is gibberish, whichever way you look through Major Marcel’s window.

Franco and inflation

‘It is said that on inaugurating the great ENSIDESA steel concern, Franco exclaimed, “And to think that this cost nothing more than two kilos of paper…”‘ (Manuel Ortínez, Una vida entre burgesos. Memòries (1993)) How can people still get so worked up about a vulgar thief?