A Spaniard’s home is his castle … except when utilities are involved

1) I harboured a vague suspicion that a neighbour was borrowing electricity from our connection, but the stubble-raising shock just received while fixing an extractor fan with the mains apparently turned off suggests that we may be borrowing from him.
2) As the shades of night fall, something resembling a snake in a cleft stick comes sneaking through the hedge:
neighbour stealing water
For some reason this masover/tenant farmer thinks that nicking someone else’s water is fine, but nicking his tomatoes is wrong.

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  1. Last year I went up to the huerta one late spring morning to find myself short about 4,000 litres of water. Fearing the worst, I went looking for the leak. No luck. But it all did happen to coincide with the day that the hotel across the road had to empty their pool to do repairs. 4,000 litres is what you can expect a garden hose and gravity to suck out the alberca in a night. Then again, it might have been some other solidario del campo.

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