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The neighbourhood is quite Golden Bough at the moment

The neighbourhood is quite Golden Bough at the moment


Bio: Kazoo Academy & Barrel Organ Disco/Yorkshire Almanac/translator Romance & Germanic languages & Russian/old-style jazz trombone & vocals/brass bands/allotmenteer

  • Mon Nov 01 00:48 Historia de Barcelona, 1/11: #otd * 1463: Salen barcos para buscar el nuevo "rey" (27) * 1622: Un alboroto mallorquín impide la celebración del Día de Todos los Santos en Santa María del Mar (172) * 1627: Roban la caja fuerte de Santa María del Mar…
  • Tue Nov 02 00:51 Historia de Barcelona, 2/11: #otd * 1285: Muere Pedro III de Aragón (421) * 1327: Muere Jaime II de Aragón (93) * 1701: Felipe V se casa en Figueras (0) * 1843: La Jamancia: sin fusilería, decreto contra el mercado negro de carne (269) * 1848: Día de los…
  • Tue Nov 02 13:34 Anyone want Stuart Hylton, Their Darkest Hour: The Hidden History of the Home Front, 39-45? Book dealer sent it in error
  • Tue Nov 02 14:22 Butcher S. presses a pretty cloth bag containing a rather good bottle of crème de cassis into my hand: "Put it into wine & get pissed after your wife goes to bed." Not quite.
  • Tue Nov 02 14:26 So the developer refused 8K from the school for the undevelopable cricket pitch & instead sold it for a quid to an unpleasant man, who failed to develop it into a home for dogs or for himself, but won't sell or let local residents take down the fences he put up. Dog in a manger.
  • Tue Nov 02 14:30 Curious that there aren't more translations (in or out of print) of Ernst Wiechert, in many ways better than Hans Fallada. I wonder what Ursula Stechow's version of his Buchenwald memoir (Totenwald>Forest of the Dead) is like. His Legende vom letzten Wald works quite well with it
  • Tue Nov 02 14:48 Comment: @OrganillerosMex @RicMagallanes ayudante? qué mono!
  • Tue Nov 02 21:08 Comment: And his autobio is Forests & People
  • Wed Nov 03 00:59 Historia de Barcelona, 3/11: #otd * 1442: Robo importante de la capilla de la Diputación (20+6) * 1538: Día y mes del martirio de Severo y Emeterio/Medir en la fabricación de Lorenzo de Padilla de este año (654+368) * 1588: Basándose en el capitular de…
  • Wed Nov 03 04:05 Comment: @TheMurkyDepths A worldwide classic: wheelchairs & prams can't get along pavements because people park on them, so you install bollards, which have exactly the same effect but which at least create revenues for mates of the council
  • Wed Nov 03 19:59 A couple of local lads at the club talking about the Azeem affair. One tells a joke, I think ironically, that I haven't heard for years: YCCC aren't racist, they just hate Pakis.
  • Thu Nov 04 01:06 Historia de Barcelona, 4/11: #otd * 1302: Un privilegio real absuelve Barcelona de homenajear al rey de Mallorca (19) * 1597: Sermón legendario de Onofre Manescal (97+33) * 1788: Abre el nuevo teatro de Santa Cruz (22) * 1823: Algunos de los Cien Mil…
  • Thu Nov 04 08:32 Comment: @AndrewHammel1 On what basis do you get in? In London I used to go to the British Library - open access - but lost in Leeds
  • Thu Nov 04 08:41 @davehrdng
  • Thu Nov 04 08:47 The infantile catechism progressed at Halloween: - What is the number of the candles? - Four. The Danish architect who thought it the best thing in the entire world
  • Thu Nov 04 20:52 Everyone goes on about Orban, but the Hungarian voting system is actually considerably more representative than British democracy
  • Fri Nov 05 01:11 Historia de Barcelona, 5/11: #otd * 1481: Juan de Aragón y Castilla es jurado heredero de la corona (20) * 1843: La Jamancia: el Chiriví, una canción caníbal (77+227) * 1918: Pla: Coromina s’ha comprat una motocicleta –una de les primeres que han…
  • Fri Nov 05 13:16 The toddler's comic timing is improving. An absurdist conversation with two five-year-old boys: Boy: Shut up! Me: I will never be silenced, not by you, not by the police, not by assassins in the night, not... Toddler: SHUT UP, DADDY!
  • Sat Nov 06 01:19 Historia de Barcelona, 6/11: #otd * 1573: Noticia de la toma de Túnez (18+40) * 1661: Fiestas reales para celebrar el nacimiento de Carlos II (10) * 1843: La Jamancia: deserciones (205) * 1873: Terremoto (1) * 1918: Pla: A la tarda, pel camí del…
  • Sat Nov 06 09:57 Whenever the toddler sees the clip of a snoring gorilla in the museum basement, she cries, "Mummy!" Only reasonable & tactful explanation, though she's probably only seen it once:
  • Sat Nov 06 10:48 On the other hand, you are, to more, 'shh, neat anagrams'
  • Sat Nov 06 21:15 It took Yorkshire Water 2 or 3 months this summer to fix a large leak on the north of Headingley Hill. Their social media engaged at first, but then gave up. At first I was cross, but having a cold stream flowing down the hill during the heatwave was actually quite delicious
  • Sat Nov 06 21:44 With the Climate Change Committee apparently recommending prohibition of the sale of homes under EPC grade C, it's curious that @rightmove doesn't have an EPC filter
  • Sun Nov 07 01:24 Historia de Barcelona, 7/11: #otd * 1542: Entra Felipe, príncipe de Asturias (16) * 1705: Es proclamado rey de España el archiduque Carlos de Austria en Barcelona (77/i) * 1825: Se divide en dos la sociedad de diligencias y mensajerías (293+8) * 1838: El…
  • Sun Nov 07 06:53 Youthful chants on the street this morning at 5 of "If you hate the IRA, clap your hands," though Rangers haven't played in Leeds since the Battle of Britain in 1992
  • Mon Nov 08 01:28 Historia de Barcelona, 8/11: #otd * 1843: La Jamancia: hambre, fusilería, decoraciones militares (376) * 1918: Pla: A Aigua-xellida, a peu, amb els Bofill, de Pals (pare i fill), el meu pare i el meu germà * 1918: Pla: Passeig per la carretera de Sant…
  • Mon Nov 08 19:58 Don't bottle it up. Swing-pushing @ Meanwood playground & talking randomly to toddler about food: "One thing about Spain I miss is head cheese (queso de cabeza)." Man @ next swing: "I make head cheese! I've got a few pigs in a wood & it's one of my favourite products!" Solved.
  • Mon Nov 08 20:25 Curious how every generation thinks its hymns the best There's a Russian version: "One more road along the steppe"
  • Mon Nov 08 21:10 The notion that English obesity is as much due to half the population being incapacitated by a clammy-street hip-break every November as it is to the generally appalling diet
  • Tue Nov 09 01:37 Historia de Barcelona, 9/11: #otd * 1705: Villancicos para el archiduque Carlos en la catedral (434) * 1775: Una representación de Cid Campeador; la situación militar-pirata (344) * 1835: Iniciativa educativa de la Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País…
  • Tue Nov 09 04:21 "Controversially, the tie was later awarded to Leeds as a 3-0 victory as the Germans had fielded an illegible player." Dunno who it was, but before the pretty illegible Wojciech Szczęsny's time
  • Wed Nov 10 01:40 Historia de Barcelona, 10/11: #otd * 0877: Inventio del cuerpo de Eulalia por el obispo Frodoino en medio de intentos de consolidar el poder carolingio (131+742) * 1620: Un ladrón honesto en las galeras (246) * 1629: Noticia del nacimiento del primer…
  • Wed Nov 10 09:05 The internet on Middlesbrough
  • Wed Nov 10 09:33 But would you get planning permission for an extension?
  • Wed Nov 10 18:34 Thanks to @MandSHeritage for letting me try on a rather splendid old dressing gown today at the M&S Archive at @UniversityLeeds. Do you want me to come along some time and sing your old ads with my barrel organ? E.g. the Terylene song is v good @Transblawg
  • Thu Nov 11 01:44 Historia de Barcelona, 11/11: #otd * 1843: La Jamancia: nueva batería Montjuic lista, negociaciones, expropiaciones (328) * 1844: Fundación de la escuela para sordomudos (9) * 1848: Fiesta mayor en san Martín de Provensals (51) * 1856: Una salida via el…
  • Thu Nov 11 08:28 Given that Giles Coren is nastier & not as bright as the father, the notion that he should be renamed Mean Regression
  • Thu Nov 11 08:43 "Fateful doom" is a 21st century DIY publishing classic
  • Thu Nov 11 08:54 Austin Currie, Gerry Fitt, John Hume, Paddy Devlin: names
  • Fri Nov 12 01:52 Historia de Barcelona, 12/11: #otd * 1834: Te Deum al acabar una epidemia de cólera (20+29) * 1843: La Jamancia: otra batería gubernamental en construcción, robos, negociaciones (503) * 1918: Pla: A primera hora del matí, la notícia de l’armistici, que…
  • Fri Nov 12 12:09 Comment: @Transblawg Location, location, location
  • Fri Nov 12 12:41 Surprised that Sajiv Javid thinks he can get GPs to give face-to-face appointments when even the guy who got frustrated & went into the local surgery with a (fake) gun didn't get seen
  • Fri Nov 12 12:42 Comment: @Transblawg The tarpaulin looks pretty Chinese to me, tbh
  • Fri Nov 12 18:25 On entering in the early morning, is the toddler saying "bit dark" in reference to the general lack of illumination, or is she addressing my unenlightened self as "big dork"?
  • Fri Nov 12 18:28 Comment: Other homophonic abuse: toddler points at the toadstool crop & says "don't wake turtles"
  • Fri Nov 12 18:35 The neighbourhood is quite Golden Bough at the moment, not sure whether the shoes belong to Aeneas or the Sibyl

  • Fri Nov 12 23:27 Historia de Barcelona, 13/11: #otd * 1137: Unión dinástica entre el Reino de Aragón y el condado de Barcelona, quedando Barcelona como socio rico pero subordinado y Ramón Berenguer IV como príncipe consorte de un bebé (172+2133) * 1156: Paz entre los…
  • Sat Nov 13 23:29 Historia de Barcelona, 14/11: #otd * 1570: Muere el obispo Guillermo Cassador (25+24) * 1843: La Jamancia: violencia al fracasar negociaciones, medidas contra robos (988) * 1914: Batalla campal en un teatro barcelonés sobre la Primera Guerra Mundial,…
  • Sun Nov 14 05:22 Boerenkapellen
  • Sun Nov 14 14:25 Comment: @tombcn Glad to hear you've made a full recovery
  • Sun Nov 14 14:42 Comment: @tombcn But even the suspicion must be pretty demoralising
  • Sun Nov 14 16:04 The struggle to convince a toddler that the component parts of a blueberry and banana muffin, held in the hand, are inferior to the end product, baked in the domesticated burning bush
  • Sun Nov 14 16:07 Who was Miss S*******e?
  • Sun Nov 14 19:45 Someone told me once that these were the fruit of the 1880 Education Act, but never checked
  • Sun Nov 14 19:47 Comment: Portswood Primary, Southampton is of a similar age, but still in use - a glorious building
  • Sun Nov 14 19:50 Like
  • Sun Nov 14 22:19 Babylon, NL.

  • Sun Nov 14 23:37 Historia de Barcelona, 15/11: #otd * 1305: Reducción en las tarifas de grano (18) * 1347: Llega Leonor de Portugal para casarse con Pedro III de Barcelona (16) * 1722: El cónsul francés manda al Conseil de la Marine francés el trabajo de Juan Salvador…
  • Mon Nov 15 08:35 A tumbling cyclist on Woodhouse Moor/Hyde Park: "Look at the fucking state of the tarmac!" "A palimpsest of paths past!" Glorious views through the thinning yellow & gold over a pink & misty stadium, with the pied wagtail colony for company.
  • Mon Nov 15 08:39 Comment: Confusing foot fetishists since 2021
  • Mon Nov 15 08:54 Nutritional challenges of the metaverse resolved. Now no chance that the term will be reserved for poetry about poetry
  • Mon Nov 15 19:04 RT @rejectpetitions: "Return the letters þ (thorn) and ð (eth) to the British English alphabet"
  • Mon Nov 15 23:45 Historia de Barcelona, 16/11: #otd * 1768: Casanova sobrevive a un intento de asesinato y es encarcelado en la Ciudadela durante 42 días después de follar la amante del Capitán General de Cataluña (1456+2703/i) * 1842: Sublevación civil contra el…
  • Tue Nov 16 23:46 Historia de Barcelona, 17/11: #otd * 1466: Los huérfanos pierden su puerta al ángel de la guarda (29+28) * 1842: El ejército huye de Barcelona (21) * 1843: La Jamancia: relativamente tranquilo, negociaciones (1227) * 1918: Pla: Passo una gran part de la…
  • Wed Nov 17 08:33 Nicknames. A long-standing Belgian legal translation client sometimes misnomers me "Kevin," not because he thinks I am black or brown or one of the infinite other nameless shades (we have met), perhaps because he thinks I am Irish, but he always pays on time
  • Wed Nov 17 08:38 Lidl £10.10 vs nursery work ca £8.91. Priorities
  • Wed Nov 17 08:57 Fascinating experience with the claims review people of @AmexUK : a reminder of the curiosities of South Asian English & an introduction to aspects of the Indian banking regulation
  • Wed Nov 17 08:58 Comment: They're in my brain: redundant definite article
  • Wed Nov 17 17:38 Thanks @shireoakce for letting little R in this afternoon for a marshmallow. She is only 25 months but would like to start asap ;)
  • Wed Nov 17 23:52 Historia de Barcelona, 18/11: #otd * 1058: Consagración de la primitiva catedral de Sta. Cruz y Sta. Eulalia (11/i) * 1406: La reina María de Luna absuelve a Salomon Gracià, judío, de intentar a rescatar a unos conversos (267+6) * 1843: La Jamancia:…
  • Thu Nov 18 19:14 Father to toddler: You're looking very intent. Toddler: Camping!
  • Thu Nov 18 19:18 Comment: Are people with names that are unfamiliar, but not difficult to pronounce or memorise, being racist when they insist on you using common English names for them? Thinking of some Korean friends
  • Thu Nov 18 19:44 RT @TollytB: Monday: Greg. Tuesday: Ian. Wednesday:Greg. Thursday: Ian. Friday: Greg. Saturday: Ian. Sunday: Greg. The Gregorian calendar.…
  • Thu Nov 18 23:59 Historia de Barcelona, 19/11: #otd * 1827: Lanzamiento de la lotería para renovar el pavimento de las calles (13) * 1842: La junta insurgente pide la renuncia del gobierno de Espartero (19/i) * 1843: La Jamancia: capitulación cerca, tropas irregulares en…
  • Fri Nov 19 05:08 Current repertoire of toddler-friendly cold-weather places in Leeds: city art gallery & library, city museum, Henry Moore, Royal Armouries, Headingley library & Heart. The civic hall (golden owls & turtles) must be brilliant or functionaries wouldn't make it so hard to get in.
  • Fri Nov 19 20:09 Comment: @jennitpk I saw him for the first time a few months ago & thought he was easy meat for his guests
  • Fri Nov 19 20:15 The toddler is offered the best of Hollywood but is addicted to amateur steam train footage & still horrified that the #IntegratedRailPlan didn't include 1 billion for the sublime @MiddletonRailwa
  • Fri Nov 19 20:18 Comment: Her day job will still be plumbing, fitting 20 million heat pumps before retiring at 30 (already gets communicating vessels, valves), but she will now probably drive steam trains at the weekend instead of singing
  • Fri Nov 19 20:19 Comment: Tho a lady at Sainsbury's today said that her Twinkle twinkle is remarkably in tune & loud for someone so young, albeit some of the lyrics were unfamiliar
  • Sat Nov 20 00:10 Historia de Barcelona, 20/11: #otd * 1460: Justas reales en el Born (33/i) * 1843: La Jamancia: la Junta se rinde y el ejército vuelve a entrar (1162) * 1894: El último día de Santiago Salvador Franch, asesino del Liceo (266/i) * 1936: Las calles de…
  • Sat Nov 20 12:30 Comment: Dampflok + Schnee
  • Sat Nov 20 17:16 Merkel ironing Xmas wrapping paper in the GDR - what does it mean?
  • Sat Nov 20 19:14 Comment: @Transblawg Ah.
  • Sat Nov 20 19:50 Toddler persuaded to forgo diesel train vids in favour of the 1940 Pinocchio. I'd forgotten how beautiful/skilful the animation is, also the message that redemption (-> a boy) requires him to have lied in the first place, great dishonesty being what distinguishes us from animals
  • Sat Nov 20 19:58 Comment: (One for my old friend, Cameron Cochrane)
  • Sun Nov 21 00:14 Historia de Barcelona, 21/11: #otd * 1435: Primeras ordenanzas sobre seguros marítimos conocidas en el mundo (1620+37) * 1834: Fin de la epidemia de cólera (15) * 1842: Espartero sale de Madrid para acabar con la sublevación barcelonesa (12/i) * 1843: La…
  • Sun Nov 21 19:50 Comment: Up on the 4th floor of the Armouries, looking down at a solitary boat on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. "How many boats are there?" Toddler 1, quickly, "Five!" Toddler 2, with an air of boundless sagacity, "Eight."
  • Mon Nov 22 00:19 Historia de Barcelona, 22/11: #otd * 1458: Entra Juan II de Aragón y jura los fueros (13) * 1527: El virrey Fadrique de Portugal pone la primera piedra del baluarte de mediodía (39+28) * 1640: Intensa nevada (0) * 1843: La recogida de armas ilegales tras…
  • Mon Nov 22 11:27 1/3 Another long & WTF ramble. Toddler enters a café where a very old English lady dressed somewhat à l'indienne asks if she can join us. Chitchat re Hindi & ND, then her main news: she is and/or has been gang-raped by Pakistani men
  • Mon Nov 22 11:27 Comment: 2/3 Apparently one man paid two others to hack her door lock etc, MP & police uninterested, GP says she is uninfected, "but you must be able to smell me!" She met a nice young man at another café, & wishes she'd given him her address
  • Mon Nov 22 11:27 Comment: 3/3 What to think, what to say?
  • Tue Nov 23 00:23 Historia de Barcelona, 23/11: #otd * 1460: Justas reales en el Born con un rubí para Juan Bu (39) * 1461: Con nueve años, jura los fueros Fernando II (25) * 1471: Pregonadas las cabezas del obispo de Gerona y otros (38) * 1843: La Jamancia: vuelta de…
  • Tue Nov 23 12:26 The lack of a 'closest to' relative date/time format in PHP (e.g. closest Sunday to 31 January) is proof of the language's wicked atheism
  • Tue Nov 23 12:33 The toddler adores Derek Walker & @burohappold 's Royal Armouries building, & is calling for more concrete, steel & glass in Leeds @C20Society
  • Tue Nov 23 12:36 A rather more personal requiem to George Eogan: the story of Knowth's discovery in 1968 & the flint mace-head found in 1982
  • Tue Nov 23 12:42 Comment: I didn't know Tom Delaney's ballads
  • Tue Nov 23 20:16 - Look, that's a lesser spotted woodpecker hammering away at the top of the beech [on Headingley Hill]! - Do you call it "lesser spotted" because you don't know its real name, or as a joke, as in "the lesser spotted politician"? They are unfortunately quite unusual, & I love them
  • Wed Nov 24 00:31 Historia de Barcelona, 24/11: #otd * 1583: El Consejo de Ciento obliga a los cirujanos de la Santa Cruz a reconocer a las prostitutas con sífilis todos los sábados, (78) * 1620: El entorno: Montserrat, banderolismo, piratería, supersticiones (638/i) *…
  • Wed Nov 24 05:09 Comment: @charlottelevene Hupsaké!
  • Thu Nov 25 00:41 Historia de Barcelona, 25/11: #otd * 1406: Muere Sibila de Fortiá, esposa de Pedro del punyalet (35+60) * 1568: Entra Carlos de Austria (7) * 1823: Protesta eclesiástica contra la represión absolutista (93/i) * 1842: Explicación de la sublevación por…
  • Thu Nov 25 08:44 Chubby waning quarter moon just NW of the rooster on Wrangthorn parish church viewed by toddler from Buzz Club Tattoo Parlour at 07:45. A crescent would have been better in terms of Christian iconography, but whatevs, says old devil moon
  • Thu Nov 25 10:26 If the British showed more interest in contemporary than in Civil War Spain, they might have seen the devolution & migrant crises coming
  • Thu Nov 25 10:28 I wonder how many of these are invented. I had a paper round & no one would have got away with this
  • Thu Nov 25 10:30 Comment: Duh, that's probably the whole point of the feed
  • Thu Nov 25 20:08 Great German animation for children: build a steam locomotive Wonder whether anyone still has my power station interactives for Stork Ketels - protagonist/sfx had a rash charm - survived redundancies until CFO saw them - "Sack him, we're not Walt Disney!"
  • Thu Nov 25 21:09 Cackling witches plan new insertion of toddlers into events that haven't thought to ban them: classical organ music
  • Thu Nov 25 22:40 Talking to the manager of a working men's club: - So you have bands every Saturday night?! - Not bands, artists!
  • Thu Nov 25 22:43 Comment: @LeedsNews Can they simultaneously pedestrianize all the terraced roads in Headingley so that people who are forced off the pavements by bins have got somewhere to walk?
  • Fri Nov 26 00:44 Historia de Barcelona, 26/11: #otd * 1458: Justas (12/i) * 1843: La Jamancia: devolución bienes, liberación rebeldes (159) * 1918: Pla: El senyor Torras Jonama, emigrat del país molt jove, ha fet una gran fortuna als Estats Units i a Cuba, amb el suro *…
  • Fri Nov 26 13:06 Took the toddler on her first ever carousel yesterday, The Golden Carousel Gallopers on Cookridge St @ £3.50, & the music didn't work - "battery's run out, no refunds" - so had to sing myself. Happy "Collection of Festive Moments," as Leeds Council calls Christmas @LeedsNews
  • Fri Nov 26 15:10 Comment: @SocialHistoryOx It's a brace - 400 rabbits
  • Fri Nov 26 21:01 Comment: @SocialHistoryOx Sorry, got excited at the thought of so much bunny and did 200 x 2
  • Fri Nov 26 21:13 Heaven on earth for some, great & small: Steam Railway Club Taunus, Oberursel, NW of Frankfurt History: Curious about the tech savvy: is there influence from eg nearby auto industry?
  • Sat Nov 27 00:52 Historia de Barcelona, 27/11: #otd * 1568: Sale para Castilla Carlos de Austria (9) * 1843: La Jamancia: prohibición de símbolos de la Junta, vuelta de refugiados (72) * 1936: El POUM en Gracia (296) * 1949: Estreno de un segundo himno del F.C. Barcelona…
  • Sat Nov 27 12:47 2 carrion crows strafing a fox, trying to steal some chips dropped by snowballing scholars on the lawns in the early hours. Yesterday lunchtime, before the snow, a large raptor - I guess a common buzzard - was wheeling over the deleafed trees along Woodhouse Ridge - poor old mice
  • Sat Nov 27 13:27 Lovely bit of Donne, via @Transblawg : All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translators etc etc
  • Sun Nov 28 00:58 Historia de Barcelona, 28/11: #otd * 1412: Tras el Compromiso de Caspe entra Fernando I de Aragón en la ciudad (19) * 1464: Terremoto (9) * 1827: Fin de la ocupación francesa (19) * 1843: La Jamancia: controles sobre extranjeros (33) * 1918: Pla: Dins de…
  • Sun Nov 28 21:37 At night in a blizzard Habib's Restaurant (Bradford) appears a masterpiece of Pakistani Hollywood Gothic Revival, but in the daytimes it's probably just estate Tudor
  • Mon Nov 29 01:04 Historia de Barcelona, 29/11: #otd * 1550: Muere la mujer de un cierto Lluis Durall, consejero (23+44) * 1835: Proclamación de un estado de sitio en Barcelona por Espoz y Mina "contra su voluntad" (287) * 1843: La Jamancia: anunciadas fiestas para…
  • Mon Nov 29 08:19 North Hill Road gritted from Headingley Lane to the dwelling Lincombe Ibe but not as far as the James Baillie student residence, leading to suspicions that Mordor not Babylon executed & that someone in Mordor Roads Dept lives at LI
  • Mon Nov 29 19:49 One of the Headingley charity shops has an Xmas window display featuring reindeer in rotten-meat green. Far tastier the exquisite KNITTED nativity scene (3 sheep, the Holy Family, 3 kings & 2 shepherds) at @HeadingleyHEART
  • Tue Nov 30 01:13 Historia de Barcelona, 30/11: #otd * 1625: Los nuevos concelleres anteponen la seguridad marítima a sus rituales cívicos (100) * 1825: El obispo prohibe Causas y Remedios de los Males de Cataluña, sobre la actual situación social (14+19) * 1833: Cataluña…
  • Tue Nov 30 20:18 New nappy tab catches on old nappy tab, & both & the poo go over one's shoulder: Cleaning operative, atypically: Fucking bollocks. Toddler, with knowing smile: Fucking bollocks.
  • Tue Nov 30 20:18 Comment: Recalls Laura von Baden, taken aside by the year 1 teacher at kicking-out time: We have noticed that whenever your son encounters the slightest difficulty, he says 'Fuck sake!' and we wondered if you knew where that came from.
  • Tue Nov 30 21:49 Do you charge for emojis?
  • Tue Nov 30 22:56 RT @DanielGalef: Someone shared this meme of reading the Beaufort Wind Scale like a poem and I decided to turn it into a sonnet.

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