Cart powered organ Title: Annie et Artus avec un prototype de 36 Anches Odin. How do you swap the transmission from organ to drive bicycle?

Bike battery chargers

A couple of things found (a Topsy, for example, “runs for 7 hours on a 12 volt 30 AH battery“): charges stack of 6Vs For about the same weight as a generator setup, you could get a solar charger that works whether you are pedaling or not. has one that weighs .28 pounds…


D says re controlling barrel organ valves using MIDI: Could probably do that very neatly using micro pc like a gumstix No need for hard drive for midi files – use flash memory. Power it off solar/dynamo, probably. Customer projects Do I want something like this? You bet: More random interesting stuff Roomba & Gumstix

Early tricycle-barrel organ conversion

From The Parish Clerk (1907) by Peter Hampson Ditchfield: Robert Dicker, quondam cabinet-maker in the town of Crediton, Devon, reigned for many years as parish clerk to the, at one time, collegiate church of the same town. He appears to have fulfilled his office satisfactorily up to about 1870, when his mind became somewhat feeble.…