Kill a monkey, kill an Englishman

Re monkey hanging in Britain and Spain, MC points me to ¡Mata Un Mono, Mata Un Inglés!, a nationalist anthem by the late 80s fascistoid-friki band Pabellón Psiquiátrico: Yo sé cuándo llega el verano se pudre la fruta y aparecen los gusanos. Gusanos de papel gusanos grises gusanos sanos ¡no entiendo lo que dicen! ¡Mata…

¡España británica!

Why impose disastrous Spanish policies on thriving Gibraltar when British colonisation of Spain would have so many advantages?

Vitoria: Wellington could have had it all.

Death of a monkey mascot

Anecdotes from the frozen wastes of Spain and Britain, with a brief burst of the usual twaddle.