March tweets

More Czechs, Spike Jones, Brexit, burning Guy, Child Ballads, copyright, Robin Hood’s two pricks, and so on.

Tatraplan by Blahoslaw Rozboril & Josef Daňka at the Pražák Palace bit of the Moravian Gallery in Brno.

Lenin cult in Santa Coloma, Barcelona

The Lenin-loving Joves Comunistes are the miniscule youth-wing of the increasingly insignificant alphabet soup of confused post-communists headed up by the bed-hopping Catalan regional interior councillor, Joan Saura, whose police force shot and almost killed the Barcelona municipal police chief last week. (“Youth” in Spanish leftist politics means anyone who wears jeans; most of them…

Gypsies providing protection services to police station in El Prat de Llobregat

An amusing and completely credible post from Avui. Meanwhile Tío Lele has confirmed via a spokesman that he is completely happy with this, the final version of his corporate website. Apparently its brutal emptiness is a metaphor for the intangible aspects of making do without the brand. It would have been nice to include at…