Repertoire by theme

Weird, maritime, industrial, London, Yorkshire, self-referential, economics, ballad, animal, dance, migration


Weird repertoire

Dance repertoire

Animal songs

Maritime repertoire
Pirate ballads, sea songs, shanties, habaneras...

Popular (broadside) ballads aka Bänkelsang/cantastoria

Transport repertoire

Migration songs
In out, in out, shake it all about.

Songs about songs
Self-referential organ-grinding repertoire, for fans of recursion and believers in meta being betta

London songs

Classical music

The Yorkshire Almanac Songbook

Pop classics

Industrial (revolution) songs
Automation, IT...

Magic money tree repertoire
Songs about money, business, finance, economics...

Canciones de la época modernista del levante español / Songs from the Spanish Levant's Art Nouveau period