Agnes Pettigrew (Petigrew)

Birth Name Pettigrew (Petigrew), Agnes
Gramps ID I0017
Gender female
Age at Death between 63 years, 11 months, 21 days and 65 years, 11 months, 20 days


1840 US census doesn't list any male New York City Pettigrews with an 18-19 year old female at home. Traditional ApSimon spelling is Pettigrew, but 1855 New York Census lists "brother" James Petigrew.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0177] between 1821 and 1822 Scotland HTA says 1821. 1881 census says she's 59, i.e. 1821-2, 1855 census agrees, 1860 census says 38 Scotland. 1 2 3 4
Residence [E0151] between 1843 and 1855 New York City, New York State 1855 census says 12 years resident. Emigrated for wedding? 5a 3
Residence [E2267] 1/6/1860 Manhattan, New York City, New York State Joseph Thompson 53 (born Scotland about 1807(!), merchant, real estate $45000, personal estate $30000, total ca $2.5M in 2022), Agnes T 38 (born Scotland about 1822), Andrew T 16, William T 14, Josephine T 12, Maria T 10, Annie T 7, Harriett T 5, Joseph T no age, Sarah T 1, Mary Tooles 22, Mary Brook 40. New York Ward 12 District 13, Manhattan Post Office, dwelling no. 1224, family number 1795 4
Death [E0188] 21/12/1886     6 1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Pettigrew (Petigrew) [I0398]
Mother (Pettigrew/Petigrew) [I0399]
         Agnes Pettigrew (Petigrew) between 1821 and 1822 21/12/1886
    Brother     James Pettigrew (Petigrew) [I0400] between 1833 and 1834


Family of Joseph Thompson and Agnes Pettigrew (Petigrew) [F0005]

Married Husband Joseph Thompson [I0016] ( * between 12/11/1802 and 3/4/1803 + 12/11/1882 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0149] 9/3/1843 New York City, New York State The first entry in the citation is 1841, but the rest are immediately preceding the date of the magazine publication, 18/3/1841. US Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast gives 9th, published 10th. 5a
Residence [E0792] between 1853 and 1863 Joseph Thompson/James McCreery mansion, Lower Bolton Road/River Road, Inwood, Manhattan, New York City, New York State Annie born here in 1853. Small ad offering it for sale/let 1863. 1855 census values it at $50K. 7a 3
Residence [E0927] 1855 E.D. 5, Ward 12,, New York City, New York State   3
Residence [E0793] 1863 39 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City, New York State   7b
Residence [E0445] 1881 11 Parkway, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire   2
Name Birth Date Death Date
Andrew Little Thompson [I0136]10/3/1844
William Hamilton Thompson [I0137]1845
Josephine Thompson [I0092]1847between 1924 and 1925
Maria Jeannette Thompson [I0138]18491929
John Pettigrew Thompson [I0134]18511851
Charles Joseph Thompson [I0135]18511851
Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]27/11/185326/9/1928
Joseph Thompson [I0139]18551857
Harriet Agnes Thompson [I0090]between 1855 and 18564/11/1902
Joseph Henry Thompson [I0140]1857
Sarah Frances/Francis Thompson [I0091]18591899

Family Map

Family Map