T.E. Lawrence: Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph (1935)


Jonathan Cape. Hardcover. Churchill: ‘It ranks with the greatest books ever written in the English language. As a narrative of war and adventure it is unsurpassable.’ This, the first edition of Seven Pillars published for general circulation, is a reissue of the 1926 Subscribers’ Edition of about 200 copies. Gilt-lettered cloth with gilt device to upper board. Contains 4 maps and 53 generally superb illustrations. Favourites: an Eric Kennington drawing of Lawrence failing to explode an IED under a Turkish troop train, an oil by Sydney Carline showing a pilot’s eye view of the bombing of Turkish troops at Wadi Fara on the West Bank of the Jordan, and a photo of the entry of the tribes into Damascus. But also work by Augustus John (the oils of Feisal and Lawrence), John Singer Sargent, William Roberts, William Nicholson, Henry Lamb, William Rothenstein, R.M. Young, Colin Gill, Frank Dobson and Gilbert Spencer. 1st edition. Condition: Used – Good. Some fading and discolouration of cover, occasional spotting throughout and particularly on title page/frontispiece. ISBN: none. Box MC13

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From the library of the archaeologist Arthur ApSimon (1927-2019). Reminiscences and obituaries in Salon (Society of Antiquaries), Mike Pitts’ Digging Deeper, Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelæological Society, Cornish Archaeology (paywall). Recollections of the man himself, as told to son Trevor, here (access).

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A watercolour of Stonehenge by the young Arthur ApSimon.