Now then! A Yorkshire Almanac for 2022

Yorkshire on this day, comprising (now) modern events in heaven and on earth, and (then) 149 entries (129,230 words) of tagged, customisable historical data relating to the last 6,000 years, quoted from 258 captivating historical sources. Brought to you free by Leeds’s Singing Organ-Grinder and sponsors. In progress - 2023 beta printed edition for sale late 2022.

All entries in reverse order of posting

  1. 1923/12/25 - Winifred Stansfield of Balby, Doncaster, gets a doll for Christmas
  2. 1913/03/03 - Winifred Stansfield is born tongue-tied and unable to breastfeed at Balby, Doncaster
  3. 1917/10/18 - Private John Dunnett of Wilsden dies at Passchendaele, prompting an extraordinary home-made tribute
  4. 1835/04/20 - A teetotallers’ tea-party, at the first, great, Wilsden Temperance Festival
  5. 1844/05/02 - The borough of Bradford’s population has increased by 10% in two years
  6. 1830/06/17 - Prophet John Wroe exorcises the epileptic daughter of a Bradford wool-sorter
  7. 1975/02/20 - Alan Bennett on Leeds, “motorway city of the seventies”
  8. 1819/11/12 - The first, nocturnal vision of Prophet Wroe in one of his fields at Tong Street, Bradford following his near-fatal fever
  9. 1796/11/28 - A Royal Navy recruiting ad promises Spanish gold to the seamen of Sculcoates, Cottingham and Little Weighton, East Riding
  10. 1798/07/30 - The returning Greenland whaler Blenheim fights off a Royal Navy press gang in Hull harbour, killing two boarders
  11. 1746/05/27 - Advertisement for a cockfight featuring 86 roosters at Pocklington, East Riding
  12. 1843/03/04 - Robert Pounder lobbies notable Leeds citizens for the provision of allotments or cottage gardens for working people
  13. 1773/12/01 - 2½ days after leaving London, legal clerk Foster Powell walks into York, rests briefly, and starts back
  14. 1787/03/14 - Death of Levi Whitehead, centenarian walker and runner of Bramham, near Wetherby
  15. 1787/07/11 - Advertisement for The Commercial and Mathematical Academy, Hull
  16. 1840/07/01 - Opening of the Hull and Selby Railway counters threats to Hull’s port from Goole, Scarborough and Bridlington
  17. 1833/10/12 - The handle setters thank their ex-secretary, Robert Pounder, for, among other things, driving women out of the trade
  18. 1831/03/24 - A Leeds “doctress” recommends to Robert Pounder sheep poo tea as a last resort against measles
  19. 1846/06/10 - John Richard Walbran begins an antiquarian excavation of the Neolithic Hutton Moor Henge, Dishforth, near Ripon
  20. 1821/08/13 - The laments of Ann Barber, adulteress and poisoner, on the scaffold at York Castle
  21. 1837/07/03 - The Swan, a Hull whaler, returns from the dead (i.e. the ice of the Davis Strait) bearing three whales
  22. 1775/10/19 - Mayor Joseph Outram lays the first stone of Hull’s first dock and customs quay, dooming the town’s walls and commencing its great expansion
  23. 1985/05/11 - A fire at the Bradford City stadium kills 56
  24. 1859/09/30 - Great popular enthusiasm for a village brass band contest at the Golden Lion, Loftus, North Riding
  25. 1824/02/29 - On the Leap Day, before an audience of 30,000(?), Wroe the Prophet is baptised in the Aire near Apperley Bridge
  26. 1684/10/31 - Mrs Taylor of Brighouse, a Quaker, is buried upright next to her husband and daughter in her garden
  27. 1679/09/15 - Election at York for the Exclusion Bill Parliament
  28. 1679/06/08 - At death’s door, Brian Bentley, the Halifax Poet, refuses a cap unless it be a barley-cap
  29. 1804/05/03 - Settlement of an absurdly modest legal bill from Joseph Bentley of Bradford
  30. 1679/10/23 - Presbyterian tears, groans and perhaps meltings at Gisburn, West Riding
  31. 1681/08/23 - John Heywood’s two-day ordination begins in Craven
  32. 1680/09/27 - Possible violating Calvinist precept, the Rev. Oliver Heywood weighs more than twice as much as his wife
  33. 1679/06/24 - The world’s oldest wool carders?
  34. 1680/12/11 - Halifax views the Great Comet of 1680 as a natural event, London as a portent
  35. 1680/01/24 - Miners rob, murder and burn a pit-owner and nonconformist minister at Beeston, Leeds
  36. 1680/01/01 - Thomas Sharp compares New Year revellers in Leeds to the pagan Jews in Babylon
  37. 1830/01/27 - William Cobbett rides from Leeds to black Sheffield
  38. 1673/05/14 - Long after the longbow’s demobilization, the Scorton Archers agree to shoot annually for a silver arrow
  39. 1465/09/22 - Gluttonous feast menu for the enthronement at Cawood Castle of George Neville as Archbishop of York
  40. 0793/06/08 - Alcuin of York reflects in a poem on the devastation on this day of Lindisfarne by Vikings
  41. 1884/01/19 - Harry England explains in the Yorkshire Weekly Press why the people of the town are known as Leeds Loiners
  42. 1914/08/26 - From Pontefract to the mines on the Franco-Belgian border: Cpl. Frederick William Holmes wins a VC at Le Cateau
  43. 1237/11/18 - Robin Hood isn’t actually bled to death by the nuns of Kirklees Priory
  44. 1684/03/06 - The highwayman and racketeer John Nevison is captured at an alehouse near Sandal Castle, Wakefield
  45. 1606/05/20 - The courtier John Lepton rides from London to York in one day, and repeats the feat on the following four
  46. 1817/06/20 - Lines spoken by the actor Alexander Cummins at the Leeds Theatre are fulfilled sooner than he might have wished, and the Methodists gloat
  47. 1779/04/15 - The actor John Kemble is hounded at York by the North Riding Militia for asking a society girl to be quiet during a death scene
  48. 1918/11/11 - George Ellison of Richmond Hill, Leeds, the last British soldier to be killed in action in the First World War
  49. 1915/08/20 - The final letter to his father of Private Charles Langrick, 1st/5th Bn., The Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment
  50. 1992/11/04 - Glasgow Rangers seal victory in the Champions League’s Battle of Britain in the return at Elland Road
  51. 1995/06/28 - The real Siegfred Farnon calls it a day
  52. 1978/01/30 - A Cumbrian Evensong is rescheduled to accommodate All Creatures Great and Small
  53. 1771/07/24 - Actor-manager Tate Wilkinson opens Puritan Leeds’ first proper theatre with comic impressions of leading Methodists
  54. 1841/05/26 - Child labour at Mr. Harrison’s pit, Gomersal, Kirklees
  55. 1682/06/11 - In a Yorkshire Feast sermon in London, visiting Yorkshiremen are told by one of them that their charity should match the greatness of their county
  56. 1642/04/23 - In the run-up to the Civil War, Hull denies entry (and its crucial arsenal) to Charles I, but lowers him dinner from the walls
  57. 1821/04/06 - At the opening of the Hall of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, the surgeon Charles Turner Thackrah bids the town repay its debt to Knowledge
  58. 1759/12/29 - Julius Caesar Ibbetson, future painter of pigs and other delights, is born on Farnley Moor, Leeds by Caesarean section
  59. 1849/08/19 - The last bull-baiting at Lydgate Wakes, Saddleworth
  60. 1693/08/26 - From his death-bed Thomas Sharp, a Leeds nonconformist minister, criticises his wife for hindering his career
  61. 1643/07/03 - The Royalists take Bradford but are warned off massacring the inhabitants by a ghost; the author’s escape and return
  62. 1641/12/12 - Panic in Bradford and Pudsey on news of the imminent arrival of genocidal Irish Catholic rebels
  63. 0867/03/23 - Viking mercenaries draw numerous Anglo-Saxon forces into York and slaughter them; Ragnar’s snake-pit and the blood-eagling of Ælla
  64. 1981/10/30 - Joanne, Michelle and Carl go caking in their Sheffield villages
  65. 0627/04/12 - In a triumph for his Kentish wife, Edwin of Northumbria is baptised on Easter Sunday by Paulinus in the latter’s wooden oratory on the site of York Minster
  66. 1643/01/23 - Thomas Fairfax, the Rider of the White Horse, captures Leeds from the Beast
  67. 1879/02/25 - The scene outside Armley Gaol, Leeds, at the execution of Charles Peace, steelworker, violinist, picture-framer, burglar, stalker, murderer
  68. 1643/05/21 - Thomas Fairfax takes two “true prisoners” at Wakefield, who stay true even when surrounded by their comrades
  69. 1843/12/04 - The Tory MP for Knaresborough recounts the death in poverty of an old woman at Harden Beck, Bingley
  70. 1900/01/11 - An explosion kills four at the Leeds Steel Works, Hunslet
  71. 1891/01/04 - Funerals at Upper Wortley, Leeds, of four of the eleven Snowflake girls burned to death in a school entertainment
  72. 1836/10/20 - The West Riding Sessions contemplates the potential consequences of a post-dated watermark
  73. 1638/01/03 - On the eve of the Civil Wars, Henry Slingsby witnesses “the spectacle of our public death” on Bramham Moor
  74. 1896/03/24 - Jessie Piazzi Smyth dies, and is subsequently buried under a pyramid at Sharow, Ripon by her husband, the astronomer and “pyramidiot” Charles Piazzi Smith
  75. 1817/06/29 - Flyer advertising the York Saving Bank, founded 1816
  76. 1780/09/11 - Having paid £1.5M (modern) in bribes to voters, William Wilberforce is elected MP for Hull
  77. 0211/02/04 - Roman emperor Septimius Severus dies at York, possibly murdered by his son and fellow-emperor Caracalla
  78. 1808/05/24 - Rebecca Perigo dies, fleeced and poisoned by Mary Bateman, a serial killer known as “the Yorkshire witch”
  79. 1796/02/13 - Marshall and the Benyons’ linen factory at Leeds burns down with the loss of eight lives
  80. 1870/05/25 - An Ascension Eve performance for tourists of the Whitby Penny Hedge ritual
  81. 1858/07/13 - A detailed description of an alum works near Whitby
  82. 1753/06/25 - The Moravian Brethren of Fulneck, Pudsey refuse to participate in the toll-bar riots
  83. 1808/05/26 - The first Ascension Day on which is generally contemplated the notion that ammonites found on Whitby beach are snakes petrified by Saint Hilda, and that seabirds dip their wings in her honour when over-flying
  84. 1513/09/29 - Black humour from London re the arrival at York of the body of James IV of Scotland after Flodden
  85. 1612/07/27 - Jennet Preston of Craven, the only Yorkshirewoman of the Pendle witches, is condemned to death at York Assizes
  86. 1941/05/26 - The fall of Headingley’s Shire Oak, legendary locus of Anglo-Saxon local government between Aire and Wharfe
  87. 1822/07/29 - An inquest at York finds that John Furnel of the Queen’s Regiment of Foot died by flogging
  88. 1640/01/23 - Andrew Marvell’s father drowns in the Humber at Hull
  89. 1894/09/13 - J.B. Priestley descends on a cloud to the West Riding of Yorkshire
  90. 1806/03/30 - A Methodist Love Feast with 10,000 participants marks the zenith of the Great Revival at Yeadon
  91. 1820/07/13 - Hannah Yeadon, a disabled woman of Yeadon, is “insulted and assaulted”
  92. 1190/03/17 - Massacre and suicide of York’s Jews
  93. 1805/08/15 - The Sheffield Volunteer Infantry march off to drive the French invaders into the sea, except for one man, who believes his orders are to go fishing in Derbyshire
  94. 1781/08/15 - The ineffably peripatetic John Wesley discovers a movable pulpit in Sheffield
  95. 1794/06/26 - The editor of the Sheffield Register fires off a final broadside against Georgian despotism, and flees to the continent and thence to the United States
  96. -4004/10/28 - God terminates the creation of Yorkshire (and other parts), according to Archbishop Ussher
  97. 1842/08/16 - Lancastrian Plug-Drawing rioters invade Skipton in an attempt to halt the mills
  98. 1843/12/01 - Unappetising conditions in the police cells and the old lock-up at Halifax
  99. 1854/09/19 - A multifarious railway accident in the Bramhope Tunnel
  100. 1852/02/05 - A local poet recounts the fate of some of his 81 neighbours drowned this morning in Holmfirth Flood by the miserliness of the mill-owners
  101. 1848/04/14 - The tombstone epitaph and verse for James Myers, killed on this day while working in the Bramhope Tunnel, and for his daughter, who died three weeks later
  102. 1574/05/28 - William Ireland fails to become Rector of Harthill (South Yorkshire) because of his abysmal ignorance
  103. 1573/03/14 - Archbishop Grindal intercedes on behalf of the the commoners of Sutton-on-the-Forest against enclosure of part of the Forest of Galtres
  104. 1570/12/26 - Archbishop Grindal acts against rood lofts, Morris dancers, crosses, and other relics of pre-Calvinist religion
  105. 1570/08/29 - On arriving in Yorkshire, Archbishop Grindal begins his battle against bloody-minded folk-Catholicism
  106. 1758/06/09 - Entry into law of the first dedicated railway enabling act, for Richard Humble and Charles Brandling’s wagonway from Middleton Colliery to the Aire at Leeds
  107. 1916/12/25 - I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and other carols and mummery
  108. 1830/09/29 - Yorkshire slavery: Tory/Radical Richard Oastler writes that “free” white workers in the Bradford mills are worse off than their unfree black counterparts in the colonies
  109. 1857/03/01 - Job Senior, the Wharfedale Hermit and pioneering polyphonic overtone singer, dies at Burley in Wharfedale
  110. 1858/07/20 - Haymaking with the Quakers of Bainbridge, Wensleydale
  111. 1985/07/04 - Publication of Blake Morrison’s Ballad of the Yorkshire Ripper
  112. 1983/06/12 - Alan Bennett encounters the hooped carts of the Appleby gypsies near Settle
  113. 1788/07/01 - Leeds textile workers celebrate the banning of exports of live sheep
  114. 1816/07/03 - Emilia Monteiro (15) of Lisbon dies in the French refugee convent at Heath Old Hall, Wakefield, and is commemorated by a local Liberal doggerelist
  115. 1644/07/02 - Henry Slingsby (York garrison) on the Royalist defeat at Marston Moor today, which ends Charles I’s hopes in the north
  116. 1753/06/18 - The humorist John Alcock becomes rector of Burnsall, Craven, licensing us to post various undated anecdotes
  117. 1881/07/31 - A London cyclist struggles on the road from Doncaster to Harewood via Pontefract and Leeds, on his way to the Bicycle Touring Club’s annual August Bank Holiday meet in Harrogate
  118. 1684/09/29 - It being Michaelmas, the Jolly Pinder of Wakefield (in song) leaves his beasts and pound and runs away to join Robin Hood in the greenwood
  119. 1864/03/11 - An inhabitant of Bacon Island survives the Great Sheffield Flood
  120. 1888/11/05 - A Sheffield Guy Fawkes rhyme
  121. 1916/01/01 - A New Year’s Day first-foot/lucky bird verse implies that God helps those who help themselves
  122. 1848/12/31 - Fragment of the Richmond Hagmena song, performed on New Year’s Eve by the town pinder
  123. 1744/02/08 - Pioneering philologist Eugene Aram murders a worthless Knaresborough man, whose wealth he seeks to use to acquire knowledge profitable to mankind
  124. 1777/06/04 - Opening of the first phase of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal
  125. 1405/05/29 - On Shipton Moor, York, the Earl of Westmorland tricks rebel leaders the Archbishop of York and the Duke of Norfolk into disbanding, whereupon Henry IV has them beheaded
  126. 1769/12/10 - Bill Brown, a Brightside (Sheffield) steelworker and poacher, is fatally shot and stabbed by a gamekeeper near Rotherham, begetting a northern and a (more popular) London ballad
  127. 1319/09/29 - In a key moment in the Anglo-Scottish wars, seasoned Scots slaughter an improvised force of clergy, peasants, and officials at Myton
  128. 1809/07/28 - Captains Samuel Walker of the 3rd Foot Guards and Richard Beckett of the Coldstream Guards fall against Napoleon at Talavera, Toledo, Spain
  129. 1967/10/31 - First broadcast of the Four Yorkshiremen sketch, on the At Last the 1948 Show
  130. 1870/08/24 - Fakesong by an army captain about the St. Bartholomew’s Fair in Swaledale
  131. 1916/05/29 - Royal Oak Day: holiday or we’ll run away
  132. 1761/03/09 - The North Riding Militia massacre 45 anti-conscription rioters and wound 300 at Hexham, Northumberland
  133. 1853/09/20 - Ballad composed for the inauguration this day of Titus Salt’s palace for the manufacture of woollen fabrics
  134. 1572/08/22 - The head of Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland and leader of the Catholic Rising of the North, is impaled on Micklegate Bar, York, where it stays for two years
  135. 1843/04/14 - John Nicholson, “the Airedale Poet,” “the Bingley Baron,” dies after falling into the Aire whilst drunk
  136. 1792/04/14 - The ballad of Spence Broughton, hung this day at the York Tyburn for robbing the Sheffield and Rotherham mail
  137. 1715/03/15 - Ballad telling how on this day Martha Railton of Bowes died of love for Rodger Wrightson, whose family had prevented her from confessing her love before he himself died
  138. 1785/01/29 - A fox-hunting song about the extraordinary journey made by the Cleveland Hounds on Saturday, January 29th, 1785
  139. 0633/10/12 - Edwin of Northumbria is killed and his army defeated by Gwynedd and Mercia at Hatfield Chase near Doncaster
  140. 1851/05/13 - The Flying Dutchman beats Voltigeur at the York races in the Great Match
  141. 1851/12/01 - A “funny wedding” in Bradford
  142. 1138/08/22 - An English army, aided by God, defeats the Scots in the Battle of the Standard near Northallerton
  143. 1642/04/22 - Presentation of the Humble Petition of The Gentry and Commons of the County of York to Charles I
  144. 1834/09/22 - Opening of the Leeds and Selby Railway, Leeds’s first
  145. 1916/12/05 - 35 girls and women die in an explosion at the Barnbow Munitions Factory, Leeds
  146. 1711/05/22 - Opening of Leeds’s new cloth trading hall
  147. 1941/03/14 - Leeds’s worst night during the Blitz
  148. 1066/09/25 - Battle of Stamford Bridge
  149. 1066/09/20 - Battle of Fulford



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