Pingu and the Barrel Organ

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  • Willem Breuker barrel organ stuff

    Wikipedia it say

    1967 Lunchconcert voor drie Amsterdamse draaiorgels
    1968 Music for Han Bennink voor draaiorgel
    1969 Preparation to voting voor draaiorgel
    1970 Een dagje ouder voor klein draaiorgel

    I thought off the top of my bonce that he’d done stuff for mixed ensembles, but neither this nor that is on UTube. His normal style is fine, …

  • My dream barrel organ sound

    La Java Viennoise played at Les Primitifs du Futur:

    That looks like Fay Lovsky on musical saw, and yes, that is Robert Crumb in the background. You are going to do something by Ms Lovsky, asks S. Well, of course. I tend to prefer what I imagine are her B-sides, and unfortunately they don’t seem

  • It’s my organ

    And it’s not for sale.

  • Programmable mini pin organ for kids


    Gloggomobil by Naef toys of Switzerland is based on the principle of the barrel organ and helps to introduce a child to the world of music. Designed by Herbert Bahli.

    When the black pegs are pushed into the holes on the drum and the simple turning mechanism is set in motion, melodies can be


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