La Vanguardia’s WTC lies

John Chappell picks up on the Vanguardia “exclusive” from June/July re alleged mysterious shadows on the fuselage of the second WTC plane (English version here). Unlike professional conspiracy theorists, La Vanguardia make no attempt to appear credible:

  • Where are the images on which their conclusions are based?
  • Who is the nameless digital imaging expert at the Mataró Poly who confirmed their suspicions? (FYI: Mataró is a small beach town whose college has no reputation to defend in this field or in any other of which I am aware.)
  • Who did they talk to at Boeing?
  • If this is such a mind-blowing discovery, why haven’t they alerted the rest of the world’s media?

To set your mind at rest, here are two exhibits:

Either they’re deliberately lying or they’re very, very stupid. Could have been written by Rafael Ramos.

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