Pujol i LaportaI assume someone else will comment on the Laporta-Pujol double act at the Barça match (1-2 at home to Real) last night: the young club president who, despite an appalling week, still believes he can win it all, and the weary old politician who has just seen his successor shut out of the new regional government by the forces he did his best to keep at bay for 25 years.
Meanwhile down on the bench the injured Ronaldinho was providing a show all of his own: wearing his stoned hippy hat and The Smile™, our local idiot savant played Laporta to the Pujol of an extraordinary dour old man on his left who, wearing a wonderful flat cap, looked as if he’d come straight from Coronation Street Central Casting, anno 1978. Who is this man who, moreover, doesn’t show up on photos?

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