the scots and the ryanair effect

Re this post, check this article from The Scotsman:

A DRAMATIC surge in the number of Scots learning foreign languages has left night classes oversubscribed and academics lost for words.

The Celtic thrawness that has seen Scotland languishing at the bottom of the European languages league is softening, and the country is becoming a nation of multi-linguists. In some areas, the number of students eager to learn French, Italian or Spanish has increased seven-fold within two years.

Cheaper flights to the Continent, the rise in the number of Scots buying holiday homes abroad, and European integration are factors being credited for the language explosion.

The household is watching Salsa Rosa, so I’m free to read any old rubbish I want.

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  1. Bugger, this post was meant to warn people here against people like you. Geo-screening isn’t going to be enough.

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