Out like stout

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The last time we saw Dre he was disheveled, by pimp standards, and wearing a stocking cap in a concrete cell somewhere in Nevada. Now he’s out like stout. How’d that happen? Dre explains on.

– Gorgeous Dre, you are hereby accused of profiting from the immoral earnings of others.
– I innocent, your honour, I swear. I just metapimp.
– Oh, alright then.

What he doesn’t explain is where the phrase “out like stout” comes from. Here we’re told it’s the antithesis of being in like Errol (ie getting lots of sex), but that seems flawed since metapimp Dre is definitely happy to have reduced his exposure to the vagaries of the Nevadan penal economy.

Two post-prandial hypotheses:

  1. Stout refers to the drink, which may erupt from the bottle in a way that pleases some minds if one has previously been getting it in like Flynn while carrying a few bottles in a backpack. (I don’t know about the States, but stouts like Guinness are phenomenally popular in Anglophone West Africa. Nigeria is the Dublin brand’s third largest market, and Guinness was last year said to be preparing to market the stronger, sweeter sorghum-based Nigerian version into the British Isles.)
  2. Flynn is a corruption of thin and the two phrases together refer to the progress of worms through the human corpse: in thin, out stout.

Thank you and good afternoon.

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