Barcablog (2)

Thanks to Greg at Barcablog for the link. Give him a job somebody (and come on one of my walks as well, you lazy sods)! Via Al-L, who has dumped the Osama look.

Language use survey

While nationalist politicians continue to exaggerate hugely the number of Catalan speakers (think: lobbying, EU official languages), the new Idescat figures (Idescat is the notoriously unreliable Catalan government stats bureau) on social use suggest that the vast sums spent by the Catalan government over the past couple of decades on persuading and forcing people to…

Flurble gronk bloopit, bnip frundletrune

If you search Google for “Flurble gronk bloopit, bnip Frundletrune” it asks – quite fairly in my opinion – whether you meant “Fluble gronk bloopit, bnip Frundletrune“. Let’s see what kind of ads that generates. Via Syntactic Saccharose.