Flurble gronk bloopit, bnip frundletrune

If you search Google for “Flurble gronk bloopit, bnip Frundletrune” it asks – quite fairly in my opinion – whether you meant “Fluble gronk bloopit, bnip Frundletrune“.

Let’s see what kind of ads that generates.

Via Syntactic Saccharose.

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  1. You seem to be doing the opposite of what Mark Liberman says you’re doing (but he doesn’t allow comments). If you were searching for ‘Fluble…’ it would be another matter.

  2. If anyone does know what I’m doing, then please send the relevant documentation to the authorities. Until then I’m grateful for the use of euphemisms like “social psychology”.

  3. Hilarious! Bizarre drunken random e-search turns up a genuinely amusing moment. we weren’t laughing at you but WITH you! Blimey…

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