What does “50 beautiful circle” mean?

Since the floods last month in China, the writer of the following email has no the house, has no the farmland and has been living in a bamboo hut and eating wild vegetables. Fortunately for us his G5 and high-speed connection survived, although I am not sure I completely understand what he is trying to tell me or how I can help him:

we live in the People’s Republic of China.
we live the south in the province of Yunnan.
We belong to the national minority.
We are a ‘ daine’ person,is also a ‘ shans’ or ‘ tai’ 。it is said our language go through Southeast Asia, having ited is said we too for long.
When we become the citizen of the People’s Republic of China, I do not know.
But from Chinese person’s eye inside, our can see the bias and disregard.
I know, our distance Chinese person is very far away
In fact, we just think at beautiful home town, quiet life.
But, living very heartless, in 2004 July, rain-storm disaster, flood, mudslide, our home town were destroyed, we had no the house, we had no the farmland, having no food.
Can we live in bamboo shed, but we eat what?
We have no money to buy the food.
Our edibles the wild vegetable.
From Chinese person there, we can not get the real help.
This is true, if you can come here, you know the fact.

I know that the United States is the most mighty nation, the most wealthy nation.
Europe also is wealthiest.
50 beautiful circle, possibility just you at one feed rice money, but are here at us, that is our families a cost of living of month.
We hope to get the American, European help.
We feel ashamed, but we still think to be on the hoof, do not think the dead.
The detailed circumstance arrives the

[URL deleted]

If would like to help us, the remittance arrives the nether network currency bank account

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  1. 50 dollars? as in: you may spend fifty dollars on one meal, but a whole family of us can live on that for a month. I just checked this theory in a Chinese dictionary, and yuan is both circle and a coin. What’s more, Meiguo, America, is ‘beautiful country’ by meaning, and mei yuan could possibly be American dollars.
    Send prize to nether network currency account.

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