Money for old rope

When the Maoists take Kathmandu, what do you think they will say to the entrepreneurs who sell Che Guevara t-shirts to Westerners looking for an alternative?

  1. “Hey, no sweat, Che was one of ours.”
  2. “Who? See that wall?”

Elsewhere on the Nepali Times site there’s a review by Kunda Dixit of an interesting new book called Ropeways in Nepal, out this weekend. This is not Tarzan stuff but an exposition of how the use of appropriate technology to provide choice in the transport mix would reduce reliance on fuel imports and improve rural access to markets. There is no way, of course, that that will happen–the money to be made via the fuel and transport mafia is too significant for even a hair-shirted Maoist to resist, although that’s something that may surpass the comprehension of Che-shirted kids from Berkeley.

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