A glittering prize for the person who, on being asked to select his channel’s best 10 programmes for veteran news broadcaster John Humphrys, “sent him tapes of programmes such as Banzai, Breasts Uncupped and Nip/Tuck.” There is, however, a glaring inconsistency in his criticism of reality telly and defence of news journalism: on the one he’s telling us that The Great British Public is incapable of resisting the moral cesspit run by the purveyors of peaktime tits ‘n’ bums, while on the other hand he would have us consider that said GBP is too discerning to be “led by the nose by a cynical media into believing something they don’t want to believe.” Sounds like the classic paternalist mantra: “we” can watch whatever we want, while “they” need to be protected against themselves.

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  1. I think Nip/Tuck is inaccurately (and probably incorrectly) listed along with Banzai, Big Brother, et al. Nip/Tuck was not reality TV, but a very well observed and written drama from the US set, in a similar vein to Six Feet Under, but about plastic surgeons rather than undertakers. It strikes me that it’s placement in such daming company is incongruous, and probably erroneous.

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