“Filthiest book in the Aussie language”

If the items here from The Bugle’s Dicktionary are the best Andrew Pegler can come up with, then either we’re being conned and there are lots of dirtier books out there or the Australian language (why’s it not in Strine?) is dying out for lack of manure:

  1. Hungry a***
  2. Park the custard
  3. Heave a Havana, to
  4. Guns of Navarone
  5. Eat breakfast backwards, to
  6. Dead heat in a zeppelin race
  7. Bury a quaker, to
  8. Rex Hunt
  9. Passhole
  10. Lower than shark s***

Solutions here. Linguists will be aware that hungry a*** already appears in Roger Mellie’s wonderful Profanisaurus, edited by William H Bollo**s with assistance from Ribena Farquar-Toss. The Profanisaurus contains the following genunine Antipodeanism, which I’ll bet is better than anything in Mr Pegler’s repertoire:

Easter Island statue with an ar*e full of razor blades sim. Austral. A permanently grave, sour expression. First used by Paul Keating to describe Malcolm Fraser when in opposition, but actually describes Jimmy Nail to ‘T’.

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  1. I swear, these lexicographers are lower than the basic wage. They get all kitted up like a pox doctor’s clerk, celebrate with a quick skinful, then park the tiger all over the burgundy axminster.

    Didn’t put me off the tucker one iota, though —I was that hungry I could’ve chewed the belly out of a low-flying duck.

    etc etc

    Trouble with these expressions is that you rarely ever hear a fellow Aussie use them (quite a few seem to have been invented by Barry Humphries, aka Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson).

    Courtesy of the Simpsons our kids have yank slang as their birthright.

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