Al-Qaeda’s debt to the American music industry

From Popbitch: Abu al-Zarqawi is the mastermind behind this week’s gruesome hostage beheadings in Iraq. By filming himself doing the beheadings and then selling the resulting snuff movies as DVDs all over the Middle East, al-Zarqawi has turned himself into radical Islam’s hottest celebrity. What nobody has pointed out is how influenced by hip hop…

“Breaks Slammed on Railway Privatization”

Right headline, wrong story from Deutsche Welle: what the DB Vorstand really wanted to communicate is that German rail privatisation will proceed according to plan, and that under a new CEO, one Kurtis Blow, trains will be marketed to a wider public by using them at night for 70s-style hiphop parties.

Fair’s fair

Catalonia Today is deservedly taking a beating, but it is worth recalling that for really bad English you should try “quality” paper La Vanguardia’s plagiarist nitwit in London, Rafael Ramos. Just thought I’d mention that.

Commenter approval

I’ve turned on the blog feature that requires me to OK commenters first time round. This is to stop a gentleman not a million miles from here who has been spamming the comment sections. It provides me with no more information about you than I already have, and no legitimate and reasonably sane person will…