Commenter approval

I’ve turned on the blog feature that requires me to OK commenters first time round. This is to stop a gentleman not a million miles from here who has been spamming the comment sections. It provides me with no more information about you than I already have, and no legitimate and reasonably sane person will be turned away.

Update: doesn’t work, no time to make it work, so I’ve just gone over to moderating comments as they come in, which shouldn’t take too much time :o)

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  1. This is a good feature. But of course it sounds better than ‘registration’, but I suppose it is registration. No, no password – that’s something.
    Any conclusions about WordPress – is it easier to stay with MT? I’m going to have to try one of these other programs out.

  2. Not really registration – eg doesn’t validate name/email – and I already got IPs (which are usually faked by spammers anyway).

    I’m doing a biggish thing for someone with WP. It’s more powerful than MT but is also more difficult if you’ve got a karaoke hangover.

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