National stereotypes

As a Brit, I wonder if there are also Americans who roll around laughing when they discover FranklinCovey’s Mission Builder (“Use our Mission Builder exercise to add focus, direction, and a sense of purpose to your daily decisions”). I suspect not, because whereas Brits usually look at me as if I have suddenly produced a bloodstained axe from under my coat when, post-walk, I mention the word “evaluation”, Americans seem comfortable with the practice and sometimes seem to believe that doing an evaluation has somehow improved the walk they have just completed.

I wonder also whether (and how) you can identify the nationality of the writer of the following excerpt:

In case anyone has wondered: I have disabled the comment feature on this blog. There is simply too much spam flying around out there (not to mention some wise guys who think that their less-than-intelligent comments will get them those “15 minutes of fame”……).

So, if you have any suggestions or comments, e-mail them to me, and if they are interesting or important enough, I will post them to this blog myself.

Source here. How did you do?

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  1. The only thing that particularly strikes me is the ‘has wondered’. I would have expected ‘is wondering’ or ‘has been wondering’. Are there any other features that strike you?

  2. He doesn’t write like an English native speaker, so … he must be an Albertan. (Btw, whence comes the stupid dogma that you should only produce in a language which is your mother tongue? How much (good) Latin would not have been written if that rule had been applied before translation mafias got going?)

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