My inner yogi/Is gonna like this bogie

Only one, two people in the Anglosphere seem to have remarked on the true meaning of the name of Microsoft’s jubilant rival, Mocosoft. This is strange, because one of the first songs every student of Spanish learns is about snot. Here’s the tune (MIDI), to which you can sing the Spanish original followed by a blatantly deficient English translation:

Yo tengo un moco,
lo saco poco a poco;
lo redondeo,
lo saco con deseo.

Yo me lo como,
y si me sabe a poco,
yo saco otro
y volvemos a empezar.

My inner yogi
Is gonna like this bogie,
I slip it out slow
And roll my precious dough.

Back in my gob,
I pop that luscious blob:
Green bliss within,
I’m Mr Brahman’s twin.

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