I’m moving tomorrow to a house just along from the castle in a small hilltop village about 40km outside Barcelona, where my monster will have to contend with others (no sheep, ‘fraid). I’m going to carry on doing the Barcelona walking tours and conducting the Industrial School choir, but I hope to be able to…


Here, for no good reason, is a dog monster some of you will know – Lumumba the sheep dog:

Habemus poppadum

As the people of Africa prepare to give thanks for the life of the misogynistic, homophobic, hissing zombie who saved them from AIDS, some of Calle Carmen’s sharpest minds are said to have spent last night in a Punjabi curry house, planning to raid the remains, pope them in the popmobile, and give the man…


Is the term used for Fuck Patois by Carlos Mayor and Eduardo Iriarte in their Spanish translation of Tom Wolfe’ I Am Charlotte Simmons. (Via Taccuino di traduzione)