La Clota

This morning we went looking for gypsies and birds at the northern end of Collserola. When it suddenly started looking like it was going to rain very heavily–it subsequently did–we came down off the hills, overtaking old men carrying mushrooms and the occasional deckchair, and did a quick improvised tour of bars (Chuck Norris on Telecinco), strange people (the missing bit of skull must have been gunshot), and the Hole Clos Built (one guy tried to sell us whatever was left of his flat on Conca de Tremp, one of the streets affected), finishing up at a lunch room near Parc Güell.

One of the nicest bits on the way is Clota district, a bunch of single-storey, ± centenarian houses with large, functional gardens and wells. Underpopulated by the overaged, it has little in the way of government services, presumably because the planners want to replace it with architecture more closely resembling our mayor’s impeccable dentition. This is a good zone, and Bar La Clota at Capcir/Capsir 15 is worth a visit. Sometimes they put tables outside so you can admire the view.

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