Coroner plays St James’ Infirmary

Following the news about a Galician politician-trombonist, here’s a Louisianan trumpet-playing coroner:

The first time Dr. Minyard ran, in 1969, he lost to the incumbent. But four years later, he and a slate of other candidates viewed as reformers – including Harry Connick Sr., the “Singing D.A.” – were swept into office. Another of those candidates, Edwin Lombard, now a state appeals court judge, recalled his befuddlement the first time he saw Dr. Minyard campaign: “I said, ‘This guy’s a nut.’ He’s walking through the audience blowing the trumpet – off-key, too.” […] However inexpert his playing, Dr. Minyard became devoted to jazz, and soon he was sitting in with the venerated Olympia Brass Band and hiring musicians as morgue assistants to help them make ends meet.

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