A gringo, a Spaniard and a Mexican…

This ties into Hugo Chávez’ use of the race card in the runup to Halloween (“Halloween is a gringo custom, [and] the use of terror is particularly typical of gringo culture. Terrorism, creating fear among other peoples, creating fear among one’s own people”) and, slightly less convincingly, into the codpiece post. I guess people never told this kind of joke to me, but it turns out that there are a lot of Chávez-pleasers out there. Here’s a disgusting item from Chistes de poca:

A gringo, a Spaniard and a Mexican are shipwrecked on a desert island without food. On the eighth day, already half-dead of hunger, the gringo gets out a knife and says, “I’ll sacrifice myself so we don’t die.”

He cuts off a piece of his buttock, which they allow to cook in the sun, and that day they all assuage their hunger eating buttock fillet.

On the fifteenth day the Spaniard, repeating the gringo’s gallantry, cuts off a piece of his thigh and says, “Leg for everyone, so we stay alive.”

After three weeks, the Mexican opens his fly and gets out his member. The gringo sees it and exclaims happily, “Hey, hot dogs!”

“No, motherfackers,” replies the Mexican, “drink your milk and go to bed.”

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