Getting your Spanglish right

David Luna, Dawn Lerman, and Laura A Peracchio sound like they’ve started something interesting in Structural Constraints in Codeswitched Advertising (via Scribal Terror). This approach, and the relaxed and integrationist attitude of the Brazilian goverment towards { Portuguese + Spanish = Portuñol}, seem more constructive than calling Spanglish “a hybrid and ugly-sounding monster” or persecuting it. I spoke excellent Dutch before getting into IT, but I still found Dunglish useful, as well as entertaining. And there are few things more exciting than to listen in on two gents speaking some Slavic language, with the occasional incursion of what sounded like a past participle formed with matar, kill.

(Apparently the RAE would accept the following as full-blown Spanish:

Una señora deja su bolso de nobuk en el clóset del hall del club empresarial donde voy a dar un speech. En el living me saluda el presidente de un holding que fabrica chips, y me presenta al director de marketing, el cual afirma trabajar full time y manifiesta estar obsesionado por el exceso de stocks, por lo que ha decidido montar un stand en la feria sectorial.

A mi em sounds goed.)

(The Journal of Consumer Research site says the paper’s called Structural Constraints in Mixed Language Ads: A Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Persuasiveness of Codeswitching. I guess they switched codes before it went to press.)

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