6 million children die annually of hunger and malnutrition

That’ll teach them to eat their greens, sez Heartless Harry from next-door. (Story)

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  • Ach ja

    De Son, nae d’oude sleur,
    De doode cruiden, deur
    Sijn hitte, doet verrijsen,
    Die doen haer open blij;
    Maer wie can doch in mij
    Levendich leven wijsen?

  • Dutch in Korea

    I’d like to see Guus Hiddink take over England asap, but then I was supporting Mark Oaten (go on, get me one for my birthday!) to run the Lib Dems until he started chasing the England job, leaving Boris Johnson as the LDs’ only potentially electable leader.

    (Apparently the Koreans gave Guus a villa on the island Jeju /

  • Funniest error in Lehman coverage

    Yesterday 3/24, the Catalan regional broadcaster’s 24-hour “news” channel, was using stock footage of currency being printed. That’s what central banks do, darlings, not investment banks.

  • Was Adam Catalan?

    Following Mad Mas’ exposition, at the invented tomb of invented Wilf the Hairy, of Catalanista scientific doctrine–Article 1: Just because something is false doesn’t mean it ain’t true–, Luis Alfonso Gámez picks up on an important story which the nutters have somehow missed. (Thanks to Carlos Ferrero)


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