Beercelona 2

Is a 5-a-side team in Cambridge. Real Madras is still around, but whatever happened to Orange Flavoured Bicycle Sheds?

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  • Shadows

    OK, I fiddled a bit with the last one, but the light and the colours are getting more interesting now and these agaves (big version = 90K) are exactly how I found them near the beginning of my Gelida-Sant Sadurní route, honest guv.

    The agave is very much in the eye of the beholder. Last …

  • Here comes the bike

    I finally married my bicycle on Saturday in a ceremony celebrated by a minister of the little-known but damn handy Carpathian Independent Church, and we have both been seriously well-oiled ever since. The downside is that my Ugandan friends have disowned me, quoting this Acholi poem:

    I hear a bicycle bell,
    The bridewealth of Laker,

  • “Aan ‘t moven”, anno 1885

    Denglish in De Volksvriend (eigenaar: Henry Hospers), Orange City, Iowa, Joe Naait Het Steeds, 13-08-1885:

    Met de oude Herald-office is men aan ‘t “moven.” Ze komt nu Zuid van de nieuwe store van Pas & Co.

    Wat mooi!

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    La Información’s reporter says that this publication by Education First, a teaching multinational with an interest in making target clients nervous, shows that of the European countries examined, only the Russians and Turks had worse English skills than the Spanish. He then left to finish his primary school geography class, and so didn’t have time to wonder …


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