… is how it always seems to end up in Word. In the New Year normality will reassert itself in the shape of l’Estatut or, more probably, nothing.

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    Carod, hair awry, to bored barman: NO ESTATOT EN EL ESTATUT. Or something like that, in El País.

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    The Catalan Audiovisual Council, the politically appointed regional regulator, is about to announce how the referendum on the bloody Estatut should be reported “in order to avoid what happened in the Euro referendum.” If you ignore them, they’ll close you down. (The solution: house your server in the free state of Valencia, watch these particular Catalans …

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    “Diet selection was estimated using fecal analysis”

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    Lenox here and here and here writes:

    Well, here’s a race you won’t want to miss – it’s the prize-winning ‘Stupidest Titled Activity 2014’ which this year goes to the World Capital of Plastic Farming: ‘1st Trail Where Is Limit El Ejido’. Yes, they are all very excited, especially the chap who had the honour of finding, with


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