John Triggs

It says here:

He was left for dead along a lonely New Mexico road, and another time he broke an elbow. But little things like that didn’t stop John Triggs, 54, from completing his 13-month, 17,300-mile bicycle odyssey over the backroads of the connected 48 states, Canada and Mexico.

Just had a glass of wine with him. He’s cycling round Europe and seems fine. More people should do this kind of thing. (More here.)

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  1. Someone just sent in some very sad news–John was killed by a cement truck back home in Missouri last June. When I met him he was having his bike fixed in Barcelona and recovering from a week of non-stop rain by consuming considerable quantities of pizza and red wine. Afterwards he took the boat to Italy and we assumed we’d hear back from him at some stage, but never did, and I guess this was why. As the old cycling song goes: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, if the liquor don’t get you an artic must.

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