Yes, I know that modern Aragonese ultra-nationalists aren’t quite the same as old German ultra-nationalists, but that c/z swap does look rather unfortunate, doesn’t it.

More Valencian language wars

At stake in this terrible new conflict is nothing less than the question of whether the name of the place where the oranges come from is to be spelt Valéncia or València in standard Valencian, the former being the variant proposed by Àngel (that accent worries me) Calpe and other speakers of standard Valencian, while…

How the Moriscos of Granada made poison darts

The action sometimes turned a shade Bulgarian during the Granada Wars–at least that’s what one infers from Diego Hurtado de Mendoza in this extract from Guerra de Granada (paras introduced for legibility): Wounded by two poisoned arrows, Don Alonso [de Aguilar] fought until he fell, disabled by the poison used among hunters since ancient times.…

Vote Boozer

Solbes is going to fund his promised tax cuts (keeps the centre happy) by whacking up duties on alcohol and tobacco (fodder for the bulgy-eyed health fundamentalists), so what better way to stop him than by supporting a liberal constitutionalist called Bouza, and the hell with pronunciation and coherence.

Google Docs facked

The new version appears to have been introduced without any serious testing or any credible bug reporting system having been devised–check the chaos over at Something in Writely is broekn. My particular problem is that using IE6 on Win XP it is no longer possible to paste into docs without the browser crashing, which makes…

Bestiality in Cádiz

Urquhart, The Pillars of Hercules, Or, A Narrative of Travels in Spain and Morocco in 1848: “I observed, on a placard, the two following signs of progress and civilization, in titles of new works: ‘The defender of the fair sex,’ and ‘The Ass, a beastly periodical.’ The words were ‘Il Burro, periodico bestial.” Re the…

Unchartered territory

I didn’t know you could charter bits of Morocco (via Felix@Morocco Time), but then, unlike Isabel Choat, I’m not on a Grauniad account ;-) More on Moroccan vices and prices from Cat in Rabat, who ain’t got a cook neither.

Spot the donkey

Spot is a dog. (Dear agent, I also do other barnyard animals, as well as goldfinches, linnets and horny pussycats.)

Fiesta popular

Don’t try singing ¡Adelante los de Cuenca! at home or anywhere else, even if you can find the lyrics. Troubled companies hold their Christmas parties in May and small villages hold their St John parties on June 24. This cuts the band budget and indicates a broadness of spirit rather than any critique of religion…