Yes, I know that modern Aragonese ultra-nationalists aren’t quite the same as old German ultra-nationalists, but that c/z swap does look rather unfortunate, doesn’t it.

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  1. Allegedly, a gang calling themselves ‘Nazionale Italiana di calcio’ beat France in the world cup final last year. Only now do I realise just how misled I was. At the time I really believed this lot were a football team. Thanks to this excellent blog now I can see they really were the Catalan counterpart to the Waffen-SS Division ‘Totenkopf’ posing as harmless Aragonese morris-dancers…thank you once again Trevor for helping unmask the enemies of liberal democracy and hirelings of evil communitarism.

  2. Marinetti’s an interesting name to choose–I’m a bit of afan in the same sense that I’m a fan of Murray Schafer and Buckminster Fuller. He wrote about language but as far as I know not about choosing spelling systems in new ones. Would he have flinched at all those zzzzzzzzs post-45 and chosen a different spelling system or a different name? Or would he have said, like I guess our Nazionals did, let’s be bad boys and get a bit of cheap publicity?

  3. Do you think Fuller would have noticed the obfuscating goals that his mode of expression was finally to be put to in American English? Compare Joyce’s distopias, for example.

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