Does David de Ugarte know nothing about the users and makers of the online world, or is he simply comfortable selling racial stereotypes and cheap lies to idiots in the grand tradition of anti-Americanism? But for the words “Anglo-Saxon” and “protestant”, one might think David was engaging in self-criticism here: “The majority of blogging tools are conceived from a logic that is Anglo-Saxon, protestant, and individualist. Blogs talk of their author in his posts, of what can be seen in his photos, etc. It is all as egocentric as the culture of those who up to now have developed these tools.” Hey, at least he left the Jews out of it. (Via Paolo Colonnello and Blogpocket)

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  1. Hello Trevor,

    Methinks the lad might have an economic interest in Bligoo, ¿no?

    Aside from the utterly vapid, but totally de rigeur revolutionary, anti-imperialist, we-are-all-one bla-bla from our guru (all owing a big debt to the ultra-WASP spin that came out of Big Sur and the like in the 60’s, BTW), a quick look at the touted ‘bligoo’ fails to turn up any characteristics which distinguish it from, say, blogspot. Other than the fact that several blogs contained scripts that continuously and ad infinitum reloaded themselves in Opera 9 (symbolic mimesis, I guess), it’s still a bunch of people egotistically rambling on about whatever interests them.

    While I’m wound up on outdated and irrelevant modes of expression… the equivalent to hordes of twenty year olds lining up to see Mick and Keef last night would be equivalent to me camping out to get tickets to see Paul Whiteman and Bix, rather than The Animals, at Maple Leaf Stadium in 1965. What an utterly uninventive generation the children of the baby-boomers have turned out to be.

    OK. I’ll go now.

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