Provincial style

I love this Jaén olive oil cooking competition, which is held not in Jaén but in San Sebastián, at the other end of the country. Is this because Jaén-ocrats want an annual freebie to the north, or because they’re ashamed of their home town? S, currently designing a collection of wedding accessories for the metropolis, is contemplating with rather more interest Murcia Council’s sixth annual Concurso Nacional de Diseños no Aburridos, National Competition for Non-Boring Design. This year it’s hats.


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  1. Good point, but the advantages to making some sort of connection between olive oil from Jaén and cooking in San Sebastián are numerous, tenuous as it might be.


  2. I think it’s excellent! I used to work for a company that had its Christmas party in May, which was cheaper and resulted in less people freezing to death after falling asleep in the taxi rank.

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