Haute cuisine

Some British pubs take their French rather literally:

Fellow hippies will know that if you stack your chips right on the day of the winter solstice and then chant a magic spell, the sun’s rays will fall in such a way as to create a shadow image of pretty much whichever megalithic construction you fancy.

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  1. Yuck and double yuck! that grub looks absolutely atrocious! BTW, how much were you charged, that is, if you were charged at all?

    you’d have been better off at the chippie round the corner, trust me…next time I suggest you ask Rosa’s permission -you know, at times she can be a bit fussy with that kind of thing, what with Kosovo´s impending UDI, etc.- and try stacking “no-nacionalista”, open-minded calçots instead.

    Pint looks alright, though

  2. chippy

    • noun (also chippie) (pl. chippies) 1 Brit. a fish-and-chip shop. 2 Brit. a carpenter. 3 N. Amer. a prostitute.

    • adjective touchy and irritable. BTW, how fitting, don’t u think?

    Perform another search of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary

  3. Nope, Gosia’s actually short for Malgosia, which in turn is short for Malgorzata. What you mean, dear Trevor, is “gos”, ie Catalan for a straightforward dog, without the kennel thing, or, for that matter, that subtle “perros polacos/catalanes” connotation…

    By the by, that chunk of imitation pie you were conned into purchasing by a perhaps loyalist yet dishonest pub owner was probably warmed up in the microwave by someone called Gosia or worse. These days the shores of the British Isles are teeming with millions of Poles, you just can’t get away from them. Even our beloved and sorely-tested Bóthar na Seanchille will never be the same again…

    Pint was alright, though. Was it NBA, I wonder?

  4. Looks like I’m in the doghouse again.

    Once, while cycling, I spent a few days in a small Polish village helping them design a Manhattan-themed disco-bar drink up their stocks of fascinating flavours of home-made spirits. If only the British Isles were more like that.

    The beer was very nice indeed, being these people‘s generic offering. As far as I am aware, the National Basketball Association hasn’t entered the brewing market.

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