Urgent message to the US Treasury Department

We may take people to drink rum and smoke cigars and weep softly to sentimental tropical music, but we don’t actually go to Cuba. Honest. Not yet. (Thanks, RF)

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  1. Manchester Guardian quoted in NY Times re the Asquith blockade on Germany:

    The differences between a blockade and an embargo are three. First, you may blockade enemy ports, but you may not blockade neutral ports… A second difference is that a blockade is subject to well-recognized rules of international law, administered through prize courts, in which the aggrieved neutral has a right to appear. But an embargo is an act of a belligerent executive, which may or may not have a legal remedy.

    They seem to have forgotten the third difference.

    An embargo on Venezuela would be much braver and more relevant. Ve shall see vat ve shall see.

  2. How about Columbia, which seems to be stirring up an awful lot of trouble at the moment? or China, where they still use slave labour?

    Or is that a boycott? ;-)

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