Hypo Real State

Spelled-out evidence suggesting that Expansión, La Vanguardia and various other established Spanish newspapers’ international financial experts may actually know uck all about their subject.

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  1. Last time I got into a hypo real state my A tag wouldn’t parse, either. Still doesn’t. Did I break something?

  2. Problems with your tags? Ask Moscow for a bailout, strings attached.

    Estate -> State must have been a hyper-correct agency hack getting rid of the e typically added by Spanish speakers to foreign words starting with s. That’s one thing probably even the Russians can’t fix.

  3. That would be figgering you were wrong when you were actually right. Note how English-speakers attempting Spanish cannot ever get the accent on the penultimate syllable – except when it doesn’t fall there, as in Cordóba.

    Jaén is going to trade a lease on the airport at Beas de Segura for a bailout of the olive oil futures market with Moscow. You heard it here first.

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