Le blog du Chì, one year ago, on TF1’s enthusiasm for the apoplectic dwarf who substituted him as opium of the peephole. Another favourite mystification, from El Ciruco: polígamo industrial for polígono industrial, industrial estate. He also passed on alfavombre, which is apparently Arabic in origins (ho ho) and means “lend me a hand, willya buddy”, although I’m still struggling to understand quite how. And btw, minions of the Junta have declined to purchase my patent multi-variety Spanish-Andalusian translation machine. Surely only a matter of time before the promotors of the Sole Dialect of the Andalusian Nation also declare war on The Economist. They can’t ban it like they’re doing to the COPE, so why not public burnings in town squares?

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  1. Jo machato, eso d lo andaluz sta bien, pero como q no hey pa el campu ordinario almeriense? cono, que nozotroz de la sierra cabrehas somos tan cristianos como los capulloz de sevilla. jo. me caho en to…. eh fin. me voy a da de alimentar a las cabritaz. q tengan ambhre.

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