Tweets for December 2019

The Spanish Raj, death of the apostrophe, babies & phonology, brass bands & marching, Fellini & Nino Rota & John Barry, gypsies, general election, Brexit, Boris Johnson, James Last, singular plurals, antisemitism, desert religions, marsh convicts, Tom Lehrer, paedophilia, hurdy-gurdy vs barrel-organ, Ariosto, Yiddish, architecture, Michael Jackson, smog love, Hackney street scenes, Lea Navigation, Spike Jones, best joke in the world, communism, puns & prophets, deculverting, Charles Laughton, UCL primates, Ally Pally, British food, knife crime, moped crime, homelessness, language primers, Christmas, Dutch, (toilet) squatters, chocolate addiction, wally, plumbing, George Lloyd, alternative Trojan War, Jolyon Maugham, Joaquín Turina. Homerton, Clapton, Walthamstow, Walthamstow Wetlands, Wanstead, Hackney Wick, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, London, Soberton, Madrid, Barcelona, Spain, Vienna, Austria, Twente, Drenthe, West Indies, Netherlands, England, Gnosall, Haughton, Staffordshire, Wales, Southampton, China, Nigeria, Lancashire, Burnham-upon-Crouch.

Pre-19th century drainage ditch between the ditto Lammas strips on Walthamstow Marsh.

Tweets for November 2019

Infant speech development and much more, South African rugby, the hedges and the ditches wear fragments of my briches, William Hill vs Jo Swinson, moped-driven knife-grinders, poo and Philip Pullman, Greggs & ducks, the Greta Apocalypse, (national) socialism, Wominspace squat, noisy hospitals, Halloween’s Grim Reaper, Alex Glasgow, Ride of the Valkyries at Millfields, medieval Church & European culture/psychology, Jamaican granny on mugging muggers, a mad judge, sperm in nature, dodgy Christmas trees, Chinese superhero, gut show, Margaret Leng Tan, Manuel Chaves Nogales, return of the trombone, Charles Trenet, Prince Andrew and the Kazakh international sex mart, Beeching uncut, Hackney/Waltham Forest/Tower Hamlets pram-pushing, Spike Jones, starving Dutch whalers, Chickin Lickin & Thai Buddhism, health charges for foreigners in the UK & Spain, Kenny Wellington, Bob Scholte, Boris & Mr Crow, Joaquín Turina, Hackney Brook, sheep dynamics, I live at ease and sing dildo la dildo, puns, Gustave Baumann, Titanic animation, Clive James, gentrificulation, moobies and Aesop, John Barry & Nino Rota, The Singing Tramp, translation, German doctors, privatising the royals, Soviet joke about gerontocracy, London Bridge attack v. 2, Italian funeral marches, babe phonology.

If Diogenes had owned a water-borne tub, like the Barrel, currently on the Lea Navigation, would he have travelled?

Tweets for August 2019

Babies, blackberries, Brexit, breasts. Tories, cricket, bed burials, bay windows, VR games, proverbs, Monty Python, Joaquín Turina, ghit, Ezra Pound, etymology, Freyja. Dorset, Walthamstow Marsh, Brighton, Homerton, Spain, France, Southwark, India vs Pakistan, New England, Upminster, Walthamstow, Georgia, USA, Wivenhoe, Alexandra Palace, Crouch End, Highbury, Friern Barnet, Erith, Stafford, Italy, Rome, Naples, Vesuvius, Lombardy, Ireland, County Kerry, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Soviet Union, Spain, Barcelona.

Cruella de Villas, Highbury, London.

May tweets

Lots of Ramsgate photos, plus the usual nonsense.

Seagull raiding the Wetherspoon Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate.

March tweets

More Czechs, Spike Jones, Brexit, burning Guy, Child Ballads, copyright, Robin Hood’s two pricks, and so on.

Tatraplan by Blahoslaw Rozboril & Josef Daňka at the Pražák Palace bit of the Moravian Gallery in Brno.