More Guardian crap about Spain

The Guardian content mill has been pointed at Spain this week, Julian Glover was pointed at immigration in Olot, and he (or perhaps an El País bod on the ground) found that “Olot’s striking diversity is a mark of Spain’s tolerence [sic] of migrants“, and that Olot is, like, better than Vic and Perpignan.

Massive resources have been devoted to studying third-world migration into Europe over the past decades, and 15 minutes on Google Scholar might have delivered useful insights about stuff like the sociological makeup of the host and the incoming population, settlement size, 1st vs 2nd generation performance etc etc.

But content mills do keywords for thickos, not revelatory analysis for brilliant minds like yours, dear reader.

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  1. He’s their main leader writer. So now you know. The piece about Cataluña wanting independence is a paragon of ignorance and terrible journalism: talks to Pilar and ERC and that’s it.

    You may not have caught some of the others. That well-known Hispanist Randeep Ramesh ripping off Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph (they don’t expect readers to cross over) on the Basque “big society” was a classic. Misogynist xenophobia as the future: the Guardian told you first.

  2. @Nun: Evans-Pritchard was either mad or planned. He’s been going on for months about how Spain is TOTALLY DOOMED and then suddenly discovers that it’s really rather hopeful. Anyone would think he was trying to manipulate prices for his or someone else’s gain.

  3. I am always in doubt if I should not better apportion myself to others in smaller rations. But I guess I don’t (yet) because I’m overflowing with daily rations that are causing me digestive problems. (Or maybe it’s “when the heart is full…”. Who cares about those details.)

    So I understand that you want my best and are telling me to swallow less. Right?

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