Ear, ear

How to get drugs without a prescription on match days.

Unilateral hearing impairment (that’s one ear, not Nelson@Copenhagen), so an MRI, but no tumour (nor brain, say the wags). Then, from A&E, a week’s antibiotics and Ibuprofen to clear the infection, and then the health centre doctor (who struggles with Spanish, the waiting room’s principal language) prescribes Acetylcysteine and more Ibuprofen to address the underlying sinusitis.

“Nah, that’ll never fix it,” says the renowned neighbourhood allergologist. “Take Dacortin for three days and then let’s have a chat.”

“You need a prescription for cortisone derivatives,” says the pharmacist through the hole in the wall.

Supercopa bluff: “It’s for a sporting injury.”

“That’ll be 3.76,” she says, noting my pronounced resemblance to Leo Messi.

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  1. [Trev corrects his own drowsiness-induced drug notation error above]

    There’s a threshold for the level of cortisol in a medication that you need a prescription for here (that is, 1% with water ointment doesn’t need it), I’m surprised they appear to be stricter in .es.

  2. Náig’s been plagued with sinusitis all his life, but it never occurred to him that his brain was actually made of snot.

    Thanks for the tip… and congrats.

  3. Boric acid no use? I get this kind of thing from time to time. Cant they just flush it with a giant syringe?

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