Well, a republic, obviously, but who’s going to be president?

I have the answer.

From LiSC’s summary, “Either the king has power, in which case it’s not democratic, or the king has no power, in which case he’s a waste of money.”

Given Spain’s struggle to achieve and maintain the state’s political legitimacy and territorial integrity, you’d probably want in a presidential role some immensely gifted but honest and more-or-less universally loved person, far from the low-level civil war represented in parliamentary politics.

But where to find such a beast?

The only solution I can think of is a rapidly revolving presidency comprising a notional class of poissons, where the parts never impinge significantly on the whole; only vaguely reminiscent of the Virgins, and somewhat along the lines of Flann O’Brien’s The Brother, CPed here from Vulpes Libris:

Half the crowd above in the digs are off to Arklow for a week Tursda. On their holliers, you know.
I see. Is your relative travelling also?
The brother? Not at all man. Yerrah, not at all. Shure the brother can’t leave town.
Is that a fact? Why not?
The brother has to stop in town for the duration of the emergency. The Government do be callin the brother in for consultations. Of course that’s between you, me and Jack Mum. The brother gave a promise to a certain party not to leave town during the emergency. He has to stand by. Because if something happened that could only be fixed up by the brother, how could your men be chasin after him on the telephone down to Strand Street, Skerries, where he goes every year to the married sister’s?
Admittedly it would be awkward
Sure, you couldn’t have that, man. You can’t run a country that way.

An eternal cuñad@ presidency? Or, again without going all Catholic, a matriarchal revival (that rules out all those mad bloody nuns)? Should the voters be in any doubt re the latter proposition, here is Joselito singing Mi madre querida, and who cares if balding greybeards live with their mums:

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